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The Ten Word Challenge – The Last War

If there’s one phrase guaranteed to get my writerley attention, it’s an “I Dare You …”, so when that nice Nosferatu VampireNomad proposed a challenge, how could I refuse? She assigned me ten words, chosen at random, and tasked me with including them in an article or short story. This kind of challenge is something of a tradition on her splendid site, and certainly “Me No Duende”, a fantastic piece written by Nathan Waddell that takes the ten-word challenge and OWNS it, made me wonder if I was up to the task. I enjoyed it immensely though, and VN has been kind enough to offer my story, The Last War, a home here … If you’re enticed to take a look, I would thoroughly recommend checking out the other articles and fiction you’ll find in the VampireNomad’s dark domain – wonderful stuff!