#FP – An Archive Within An Ark Hive – Part 02

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” said Poe.  The other Tellytubbies looked on, nervously … #FP

Another collection of Friday Phrases … as I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the process of archiving them on the blog, plus it’s another excuse to post a picture of this guy …


If you’re interested, the other collections can be found here, here and – ooh, I didn’t know you were ticklish – here

Aaanyway …

The devil on his left shoulder told him to kill her. He looked to the angel on his right. The angel smiled and said “Use the big knife.”

‘Such vivid descriptions of death!’ the woman said. ‘What’s your secret?’
He smiled, recalling last night. ‘Research. Lots of research.’

The passengers were irritated by the girl with the earphones, her laughter, but listening to the pleas for mercy always made her giggle.

“What makes you think I’d date a cyborg?” she asked him. He simply smiled and opened his raincoat. Motors whirred. “Go Go, Gadget Pe – ”

The microbes had lived for centuries beneath the Sahara. Now, their hunger ignited by smog, they swept down to strip flesh from bone.

The teens watched intently as I reached out to spin the bottle. It stopped facing the boy in the blue T-shirt, so I shot him first.

He’d never spoken to her online, but his love was unending. He quit a job, sold his house, & flew halfway around the world to kill her.

Before he got on the train, he stopped, and turned, and gave her a kiss that would see them both through the inescapable seasons.

The laser was destroyed, but Bond was wounded now, dying.
“I hope I keep the Scottish accent.” he thought as he began to Regenerate …

The end was near. He herded them aboard, 2 by 2. As the rocket launched, he saw 2 empty spaces and realised he’d forgotten the humans.

They said the only way out of the prison was in a body bag. Now I’m free, thanks to that deal with the devil and my suicide.

“Is there anyone there?” The glass moved across the Ouija board: 2BZ4UQT LOL 🙂 She knew she shouldn’t have got a board with emoticons!

It was hard, choosing a song for her funeral. I chose an album track, something I wouldn’t hear all the time. I haven’t heard it since.

They wriggled in the bag & made high, mewling cries as she held them under the water. When it was done, she gathered up their clothes.

I held the spade with dirty hands, smiling at the freshly filled grave. I thought it was all over, until the roses began to scream.

He prowled the ship, keen to obey the unending voice in his head urging him to kill them all. He didn’t know they could hear it too.

Her heart skipped a cliched beat as she agonised over which to choose, the vampire or the wolf, even as they tore her to unloved shreds.

His belt buckle was a cold pressure against her belly. Their hands were a tangle of fingers, kept entwined for fear the kiss would end.

He wrote 12 novels chronicling the life of a minor demon. He never knew that the demon was in him, and that he was writing a biography.

‘Please, find my boy. He’s still posting tweets but no-one knows where he is.’
‘When did you last see him?’
‘Last week, in his casket.’

Every day for 20 years, he cleaned the school. Now he saw the fresh graffiti and thought how his broom would make an excellent club.

My new electric shaver was so quick and easy to use that one day I simply couldn’t stop, not even when the blades started chipping bone.

Her heart is a silhouette on every horizon I see
Rewriting senses
Like a vault of spells that turn weeping to song
And a thorn to a rose

Yes, his hands felt dirty, greased and sticky all at once, but he felt thoroughly, wonderfully satisfied.
Nachos were his life.


12 thoughts on “#FP – An Archive Within An Ark Hive – Part 02

  1. Brilliant: “The laser was destroyed, but Bond was wounded now, dying.
    ‘I hope I keep the Scottish accent.’ he thought as he began to Regenerate …”

    Creepy as %$@# but also brilliant: “They wriggled in the bag & made high, mewling cries as she held them under the water. When it was done, she gathered up their clothes.”

    I could list many, many more, but they’re all up there.

    1. Thank you so much for reading, and for your very kind comments 🙂 I always enjoy writing the FPs (as well as reading the awesome work of others!). I hope you’re well, dear 🙂

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