Cover Reveal – Cradle of The Dead / Dark Waves

Exciting times! Below is the cover for my new novella from Bloodbound Books, Cradle of the Dead …

Cradle of the Dead1l
(Click for larger image)

Wonderfully, my story is only one half of a double-bill of terror – the print release is in a dual-novella format, and I’m honoured to be sharing the scares with the excellent Simon Kearns (check him out at ). The amazing cover for his novella, Dark Waves, is a tantalising hint of the horrors lurking within its pages …

Dark Waves_final
(Click for larger image)

Both covers are by the frighteningly brilliant Andrej Bartulovic, and as you would expect, I’m thrilled to be involved in such an exciting project with such talented co-conspirators 🙂

The novellas are available both as a combined print copy or as individual downloads, and if you dare to take a look beyond those awesome covers, then allow me to point you in this direction …

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Cradle of The Dead / Dark Waves

  1. Such brilliant news! A whole novella. Can’t wait to read! But It’ll have to be after I finish Dracula! Mwah haha! Congratulations on another publication my friend! 🙂

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