#FP – An Archive Within An Ark Hive – Part 06

Another collection of Friday Phrases – In the interests of context, the first two presented here are from Halloween 2013, while the following three are from Valentine’s Day 2014. The rest follow my usual roll-of-the-dice approach to presentation 🙂

The skulls and bats were festooned with spiderwebs, all for the visiting children. She’d thank the spiders later, after they had fed.

The plague killed almost everyone. She roamed Twitter, looking for survivors, and lost hope until the DM at Halloween: “Trick or Tweet?”

He finished breakfast then started to gather what he needed. In an hour, the world would have a new massacre to remember this day by.

He sat surrounded by crumpled pages of terrible poetry. He’d just have to hope his Twitter crush picked up on the subtweets.

She looked down at the crowd. The crossbow felt good in her hands and she had plenty of bolts. “Time to play Cupid.” she whispered.

“How about some scrambled embryos?”
She made the same awful joke every morning, but when I saw my plate, I knew she’d taken it too far.

A cold wind rose, teased her hair and blew litter around her feet. She looked up, and found herself in the shadow of vast, leathery wings.

In the dark, the pillowcase looked rumpled, like a mask of peeled skin. Nearer, I saw that my eyesight was better than I would’ve wished.

The swordsman’s blade whirled, a spinning blur of death. Unexpectedly, Indy shot him dead. Even more unexpectedly, the swordsman sat up.

She didn’t recognise the couple in the old photo, but thought that the groom looked like a younger version of the man brushing her hair.

The teacher slept, drugged. The girls poked her scalp with pens until one glistened red. She really DID have eyes in the back of her head.

“Sorcery!” they yelled. “Black magic!”
The clown’s cheap tricks littered the ground as he fled.
“It’s only a kid’s party!” he screamed.

Of course I washed my dirty hands before dinner. The ones attached to my wrists AND the ones on the plate.

She didn’t realise it was a tweet from the dead until she walked into the house and found him hanging from a ceiling beam, his eyes wide.

He tasted sweat at her temples, yet her skin had prickled to gooseflesh. He read the texture like Braille, until he found her secret words.

Shaggy knew that things were getting weird when Fred traded in the Mystery Machine for a Pinto. Then Scooby got bitten by the bat …

12 rich kids abducted in 6 months. The cops let them take No.13. As the gang reached the remote hideout, the cops detonated the hostage.

“I killed a man and wrote it as a story on my blog. I was all set to leave it there, but when I saw the spike in the stats …”

The knight and the dragon strolled back into the village holding hands. They were smoking cigarettes and the dragon looked very content. The villagers were horrified. “We sent you to kill it!”
“You misheard,” the knight smiled. “I’m a Dragon’s Layer.”

(The above originally posted as two FPs)

Know that your stars and mine are the same.
Know that when your hands are cold, I’m on my way back, and I’m bringing a nova with me.

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