Midnight Snack

A breath of fiction that evolved from a Twitter chat with the delighful @ReeDwithaBee and the splendid @dee_lancaster. The conversation began as a comparison of the commutes to work we all take, but took an unexpected turn when @ReeDwithaBee mentioned what a wonderful opportunity such journeys provide for eavesdropping, or, to use the term that writers insist upon when we’re accused of listening in, Research. @ReeDwithaBee offered a few of the random conversational threads that she’d heard, and came up with the brilliant observation that their very randomness reminded her of the prompts from @storybandit (if you’ve never seen @storybandit, then I thoroughly recommend taking a look – lots of great prompts and great microfiction to be found there). Anyway, ultimately we decided to challenge each other to write a 99-word story in the spirit of the @storybandit prompts, and the words that emerged from @ReeDwithaBee’s excellent eavesdropping skills were:

Cauliflower soup, golf, boot camp, the weather, reify

My fellow challenger’s marvellous take on the whole business can be found here, and my own effort is below. If nothing else, it at least forced me to Google what “Reify” means …

Midnight Snack

Diet or die, the doctor had said. Exercise or expire. An envisioned boot camp style future of cauliflower soup and golf tipped his emotional weather to overcast. Weights and gym equipment waited in his bedroom to be unpacked and assembled. His larder and fridge had been purged of treats. Tomorrow’s date was circled on the calendar, D-Day, Diet Day, Deprivation Day. But it wasn’t tomorrow yet, and so before bed, he allowed himself one last treat, something to reify his resolve that it had all been worthwhile. The girl screamed against her gag as he began to tuck in.




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