Geek and Proud – MCM Comic Con Liverpool 2016


So … the weekend of 12/13 March 2016, I was lucky enough to attend the MCM Comic Con at Liverpool’s waterfront Exhibition Centre, and it was two days of geektastic epicness! There was just so much there to enjoy and experience, that I thought the easiest way to distil the weekend for this post was just to offer up some of – well … lots – of my photos from the two days, and a sort of top ten of my favourite bits. So … here we go!

1. Star Wars Steampunk – There was an entire section dedicated to the genre, full of costumes and cosplay accessories – I bought a pair of retro aviator goggles! – but I loved the spin on the Star Wars Universe.

2. The various cosplayers with the Free Hugs signs, an offer of which I took full and frequent advantage. Two Black Widows, an Amy Pond, a couple of Catwomen, and a Poison Ivy. If I wasn’t being hugged at any point, I was being threatened.

3. So many Harley Quinn’s … so little time.

4. The cupcake stalls!


5. Being recognised from Twitter … twice.

6. Having Boba Fett sneer at the emblem on my beanie on Day One and call me, “Rebel Scum!”

7. The booty! In a pirate sense, obviously. I bought lots, but my favourite acquisitions are probably my SHIELD beanie, my Steampunk fob watch and, rather brilliantly, a bullet with my name on it!

8. Getting the best massage ever. Seriously.

9. Everything that happened in the photos I can’t post.

10. The atmosphere. The sheer joy of being surrounded by happy, charming, like-minded people, each with their different genre interests but united in their appreciation of the fantastic and the imaginative. Geek and proud!


If you made it this far, thanks for reading!


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