Thank you, and Bacon.

Hello, and a very splendid 2017 to you!

So … a little before Christmas I received a wonderful early gift, and I wanted to post something here to both showcase the geeky awesomeness of the gift and also to say a thank you to the epic individual that gave it to me. An extra-special thank you, frankly, full of hugs and bacon and gratitude that such a thoughtful person exists. More of her later.

So, anyway, I get home from work and there’s one of those cards through the door, one of those We tried to deliver this parcel but … type things, with some scrawled advice on it that the parcel in question had been left with a neighbour. So, I headed a few doors down to my neighbour’s house to collect the item that she’d kindly taken in.

Well … not one item, but three.

A box marked FRAGILE, a giant cardboard envelope and one of those cardboard tubes for sending blueprints and what-have-you through the post. Exciting, but not as exciting as the contents!!!

In the box marked FRAGILE, cushioned by an enticing shroud of bubble wrap, there was this AWESOME R2-D2 mug!


To be honest, that was spectacular enough, but in the giant envelope and cardboard tube … delights of which I could never have dreamed …

This folder contained, not my latest mission from SHIELD (Coulson normally texts) but these AMAZING posters from Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

More posters, this time from Guardians of the Galaxy! They’re all full of such elegant beauty that I couldn’t choose a favourite, but I might start answering all future questions with “I am Jabe.”


Age of Ultron! These are incredible, and I’m already hunting down suitable frames in which to hang them!


Now, it’s all brilliant, but the poster above and the next few are particular favourites, for two reasons. Firstly, and you can’t really get a sense of scale from the art cards at each corner, but the posters are MASSIVE! They’re also sort of semi-transparent, with the image reversed on the other side, which I think is because they’re those cool posters that are lit from behind outside cinemas?


The other reason I love these posters is because the design is a throwback to that kind of old-school artwork that had elements of the film exploding from the centre of the image, as opposed to the minimalist and oh-so-stylish but dull posters that sometimes adorn cinema releases.


As you can imagine, my little geek heart was soaring, and my smile was wide enough that I worried the top of my skull might topple off, but … it was more, so much more, than the geekery itself that if I’m going to be honest, made me cry even more than Marley and Me.

My dear friend, the lovely @superkrispydj is one of the kindest souls one might be lucky enough to meet. I don’t know how she did it (except to presume that the likes of Stan Lee and JJ Abrams are in love with her, which is very easy to believe) but it was she who brought this cavalcade of geek booty to my door, and with it a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

I asked if I could thank her publicly via the blog, and her first answer was to say no, because that’s how she (bacon) rolls. Kindness for kindness’ sake, not for the applause. But I applaud you, dear friend, because you’re an absolute diamond, and when we finally converge at Edinburgh Comic Con some day, I’m paying for the coffee and the bacon sandwiches.

Thank you. You’re a star.


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