Into The Dark – Birmingham Horror Con 2017



So, on the 4th of February this year I ventured to a UK city I’ve never been to before, Birmingham! Specifically, the massive Edgbaston Cricket Ground, the venue for the 2017 Birmingham Horror Convention. I’ve already posted some pictures of the trip (including the joy of finding a Primark in Birmingham!) on Twitter and Instagram, but the con itself was wonderful.

As always with these things, I had a few ambitions for the event: things to buy, people to meet etc. There were actually three of my fanboy crushes in attendance: those Divas of Dread, the immensely talented CL Raven had one of the traders’ tables, and although I’ve met them previously at Sheffield Horror Con in 2016, it’s always a pleasure to catch up with them and of course, always a bonus to get my hands on more of their books and merchandise. This time around I bought some badges (I love badges!), a copy of their short story anthology Romance Is Dead (which they very kindly signed), and a print and keyring of the cover of their novel The Malignant Dead. I’m reading The Malignant Dead at the moment, and I can thoroughly recommend it as one of the best, most unsettling Horror novels I’ve ever read.



My other fanboy crush was none other than the beautiful and charming Caroline Munro, a genre legend who’s appeared in a lot of my favourite movies: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The Spy Who Loved Me, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter and of course my ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME, the gaudy and insane genius of Starcrash, an incredible Italian Star Wars style epic in which Caroline plays Stella Star, the best pilot in the galaxy.

I’ll be honest, I could write blog post after blog post about how much I love this movie, but I should probably keep on-topic here (or at least try). When I met her, Caroline couldn’t have been any more gracious and charming to my swooning fanboy self, and I’ll treasure the moment where she asked me to whom she should sign an autographed photo. I told her, and she clarified the spelling by saying (in that voice!), so … “Babe, but with a J?” and to be honest I’m bloody signing EVERYTHING like that now!



One unexpected reunion of sorts was with the exhibition of snakes and spiders that I first encountered at Sheffield Horror Con, and the photo here is of me making a new friend called Texas. Rather sadly, I learned that Willow, one of the beautiful snakes I enjoyed meeting last year, had passed away recently, and I was glad I got the opportunity to meet her.


As always, there were lots of exciting things to see at the con, including this amazing scene in which one could share a sofa covered in human flesh with the likes of Chucky, Freddy, Jason, and Billy The Puppet, as well as some lovely SFX and makeup demonstrations.

I bought lots, of course, but some of my favourite Geeky booty was my Alien T-Shirt (I’m part of the Nostromo crew now!), my Hydra wallet (hoping that for every banknote I spend, two more shall take its place!) and my not-even-unwrapped yet Necronomicon Journal (Groovy!).



There was some fabulous cosplay on display, and of course I couldn’t resist a selfie or several.

These last three photos are probably my favourites, the first because the trio of cosplayers were so nice and also their costumes were great, much more intricate than the photo shows. The second is with Tina the Polefit Vampire. Long story short, I had no idea she was going to bite me, and the world isn’t ready for my expression of shock and surprise. And the final photo … it’s a female Jason Voorhees … what’s not to love?




Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for reading! Here’s to the next con 🙂





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